"The world-leading institution, specialized in local information, promoting informatization for local residents, creating client-centered new business models for local informatization" 

It is my privilege to welcome you here at KLID today.
KLID was established for promoting the quality of life of community residents through developing local informatization, which will lead to balanced regional development and enhance the productivity of local governing bodies.

Started as the Korea Association of Local Informatization in 2003, KLID has made a great contribution to bridging regional digital divide and realizing balanced local development in the country. We carried out these tasks by enhancing administrative efficiency through developing, distributing, managing common information systems with national standards such as local AIS(Administration Information Systems) for provinces, cities, and counties, local financial management system, and local tax information system, and developing local policies relating to informatization and conducting relevant investigation and research. In 2008, the institution was reborn as Korea Local Information Research &Development Institute, KLID, to revamp its role for the new era of local informatization.

Based on the progress made in the last decade, KLID is now preparing for a new era. First of all, we will try to establish everyday information service for local residents where the new system puts top priority on customers. We will also work to enhance capacities of individuals involved in the tasks and strengthen their accountability, thereby enhancing our status as a preeminent public institution. In addition, through closer communication and collaboration with field experts, we will carry out convergence/fusion research to meet the needs of the Creative Economy.

Lastly, we will work to export our accumulated technology and know-hows gained from years of working on local informatization and establish our own brand of local informatization to the world.
We would like to ask your constant support and encouragement as we walk toward promoting our advanced knowledge in the field of local informatization ,and raise Korea's global status, broaden the venue of communication with local residents to share our mission and goal with them.

Thank you.