Objectives and Background
Basing its legal foundation on the Electronic Government Act of 2002, the Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID) was established on February 21, 2008 through joint efforts made by 16 Metropolitan city and provincial governments, taking over for its predecessor the "Korea Association of Local Informatization" established in 2003.
(The Korea Association of Local Informatization was formerly the "Local Informatization Foundation" that was established in 1998).
KLID promotes the balanced development of local informatization among regions, the sharing of information resources, and cobuilding information infrastructures.
History List



December 1997 Local Informatization Foundation was established.
February 2003 The name was changed to Korea Association of Local Informatization(KALI).
March 2004 Technology Assistance Center was opened.
October 2006 Local Information Center was opened.
April 2007 Integrated Management Support Center was opened.
February 2008 The name was changed to Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute.
January 2009 Local e-government Cyber Security Center was established.
June 2009 ISO20000 was certified.
December 2010 Government Personal Information Management System(G-ISMS) was certified.
February 2013 Local Government Information Sharing and Analysis Center(ISAC) was installed.
February 2014

The gound-breaking ceremony of KLID was held. 

December 2015

The construction of KLID is completed.